ProMEX protein mass spectral library

A mass spectral library consisting of tryptic peptide product ion spectra generated by liquid chromatography coupled to ion trap mass spectrometry (LC-ITMS). Developed using samples derived from Arabidopsis thaliana and Medicago truncatula. The database serves as a reference and can be used for protein identification in uncharacterized samples. Protein identification by ProMEX is linked to other molecular levels of biological organization such as metabolite, pathway and transcript data.

EDAM topicPeptide identification and proteolysis
EDAM topicMass spectrometry
EDAM topicPlant
CategoryProteomic databases
TaxonArabidopsis, Medicago trunculata

Available data

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Mass spectrometry spectra {ProMEX entry} HTML Locus ID (AGI)

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Mass spectrometry spectra {ProMEX entry} HTML Locus ID (AGI) At5g50600