Dinucleotide property database (DiProDB)

The Dinucleotide Property Database is designed to collect and analyse thermodynamic, structural and other dinucleotide properties. The table presenting all the dinucleotide properties can be pruned and rearranged by different criteria. The database contains different export and analysis functions.

EDAM topicNucleic acid physicochemistry
EDAM topicNucleic acid structure

Available data

Data Format Query Link
Nucleic acid structure report {DiProDB Table} HTML None http://diprodb.fli-leibniz.de/GetEntries.php
Dinucleotide property {Dinucleotide Property} HTML DiProDB ID http://diprodb.fli-leibniz.de/GetEntries.php?ID=%s

Example queries

Data Format Query Example
Dinucleotide property {Dinucleotide Property} HTML DiProDB ID 5